Donkey Wrong


A charming story about a humble seaside donkey's 15 minutes of fame.




I always love working with Animade but this was the cherry on the ice cream sundae. Jim Billy Wheeler's directed this summertime short and needed animators who could work with cleanly with native shape layers in After Effects. This method of working was square in the centre of my wheelhouse and the whole film was a delight to animate on.

Beachgoers, Bullies and Birds

All animators on this project did a bit of everything, most of my work was focused on filling the beach with interesting people, but I also cleaned up the pivotal ice-cream theft shot and animated many scenes of the main antagonist. Unfortunately we later redesigned the beach bully so a good few clips ended up of the cutting room floor. Such is life when working in short films!


Thanks to the Pandemic, my entire time on this film was remote so I jumped at the opportunity to see the film on the big screen almost 1.5 years later at Pictoplamsa in Berlin.


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Writer and Director

Jim Billy Wheeler

Executive Creative Director

Ed Barrett


Zak Khan

Executive Producers

Georgie Lister-Fell

Jen Judd

Tom Judd

Lead Animators

Jess Mountfield

Sam Stoney

Robert Duncan

Yukari Schrickel


George Judd

Julia Olsson

Max Halley

Milo Targett

Peter Cobo

Pip Williamson

Ryan Bird

Stewart Harvey

Theresa Haas


Rob Flynn

Sound Design

Coda to Coda

Press and Marketing

Razia Hussain

Production Support

Michael O'Brien

Simona Somma-Mullins

Special thanks

Amy Egan

Bekki Leahy

Dev Joshi

Eilidh Reid

Ewa Sarnowska

Florence Layer

Frida Ek

Jenna Kirby

Katie Nash

Laura Darby

Michael Davies

Sophie Neophytou

Tracey la Cour

Romane Wach

Victoria Darriba Rios

Animated shot of excited young girl
Photo of Donkey Wrong screening at Pictoplasma
Styleframe of lady cheering
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