To introduce a new generation of beer-lovers to this iconic bear, I was tasked with giving Karhu a personality in animation.




Karhu is a beloved beer brand in Finland, so when the end client wanted to show a softer side of the Karhu Bear to appeal to a wider audience, a redesign was out of the question. For a logo so widely recognised that people have tattoos of the bear, animation was the clear way forwards to add charm and personality to the existing logo.

Pixel Perfect

The bear was free to wiggle, sniff, smile, wink and groove as long as he landed back in his exact position, not only to preserve the integrity of the logo but also to make the 3 animations, stackable allowing the client to mix match and loop as they saw fit.

Its alive!

I used all my AE rigging skills to create a moveable bear head, complete with controls for wind velocity through the fur. This set me up with an animatable base, which - layer with more bespoke animation on top - really made the bear come to life.

Party time

This project came right in time for the summer solstice where the 'new' Karhu was unveiled at a number of events including Ruisrock, one of FInlands biggest music festivals. My work allowed Karhu to get involved, grooving along with the audience to artists including Lil Nas X, Machine Gun Kelly, Skrillex and Alesso.


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Art Director

Jimi Hyvärinen


Pip Williamson

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