Rainforest is a short ambient piece that brings audio to the centre of the stage. With visual emphasis on onomatopoeia, the viewer is invited to focus on the sounds they hear.



Rainforest is the result of an assignment as part of my graduation year. The aim was to create a piece with mood that also incorporates my name. As this assignment was largely open, I took this as a opportunity to work on a few areas where I wanted to grow.

Character animation

The stalk in the film was the shot where I dedicated the most animation work. I wanted to push what I could do with jointed bodies while keeping gradients intact. I also ventured into creating depth by simulating a head rotation on the z axis.


Utilising a limited colour palette helped me to set the mood of the film but also gave me a creative constraint. I was curious about how I would go about creating light and dark scenes with very little colour options.


As I sketched out the various scenes I realised that some worked better as landscapes but others lent themselves more to square compositions. Instead of forcing every shot to conform to one ratio I allowed each one to take up and much or as little of the 16 x 9 space as they needed.


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Animation & Illustration

Pip Williamson

Illustration of a plant
Animated overhead shot of lily pads
Illustrated leaves
Animated shot of wading bird in shallow water
Style frame close up of a branch
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